Portugal to Spain by hitch-hiking Part 2

Stuffed up with Leitao, cheese and wine travelproofcouple was unstoppable at least for half an hour until the sun started to burn our skins down. After all with some luck and a lot of walking we made it to one gas station with lots of traffic which brought back our optimism that we gonna reach Spain before night falls.

Although it was a few years ago I still remember how beautiful this trip was. Mainly because we didn’t have a certain plan, a lot of money or tent. All we had back then was just thirst for adventure combined with desire to make new friends and of course see the world through our own eyes, because there’s so much to be seen!

We met Francesca and Joao and the communication between us was beautiful. Portuguese, Spanish, English, Russian and Bulgarian came into use helping us to learn a lot about this charming couple. Their passions was meeting new people and dancing. Along the way the old lovely couple showed us where they met and danced for first time together. The music we were listening to almost put me in a dancing mood, but Plamena calmed me down and with reason, because if they had seen how I dance for sure we would have been kicked out from the vehicle. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of photos to show you, but if you have a opportunity to go from Portugal to Spain by land use the road going along the coast. The views are terrific and if you’re lucky to catch a sunset as we did you’ll never forget it.

It was already dark and we were looking for a place to sleep. We didn’t have a tent just two sleeping bags and the weather was nice and warm so our thoughts were sending us to sleep in the nature. Just when we were heading towards the woods we saw a car approaching from South and we knew this is gonna be our last bullet and regardless of our tiredness we raised our thumbs up put a smile across our faces and the car pulled over. It was a fine Citroen with two guys inside going to Vigo. We jumped in with relievement and began chatting. They were going to Vigo we were going to A Coruna. I knew they would ask why we are going there and when they did Plamena spat it out „to watch a Deportivo La Coruna game“ with a big smile on her face as it comes to me I knew they won’t like what she just had said, because Vigo and A Coruna are a blood rivals in football. „O so you’re going to watch Deportivo ah“ and the car pulled over again this time for us to get out. „We are from Celta Vigo and we can’t stand A Coruna fans…“ now imagine the silence in the car and also the pitch-black night in the middle of nowhere. Just when we were getting out of the Citroen the boys started laughing and said „We are just joking don’t stress out guys. We’ll take you to Vigo there’s no problem, we’are from the good Vigo fans“ in this moment I thought „what a bastards“. We continued together and one of the guys inside was the son of the former president of Celta Vigo during the 90s. I understood why he probably hates Deportivo fans.

We arrived in Vigo at 23:00. The bus to A Coruna was good the price not and we waited until the next morning in order to hit the road again. People I have to tell you in Spain hitch-hiking is more difficult compare to Portugal. The distance we had to cover was not big, but still it took us a lot of time to get to A Coruna.

Fortunately we got a lift from a surgeon and we had been given key chains to remember how generous and good people around the world could be. When we arrived we met our host Raquel for first time.

Raquel – the best host ever 🙂

We drank Kalimocho (typical Spanish drink for students from cheap wine and lemonade) and the next day continued with a beer (Estrella Galicia) before the kick-off of Deportivo.

The day after the game there was enough time to walk around A Coruna and get to know the city. Raquel and her sister took us to many beautiful places in A Coruna surprising us how big and diverse the city is.

As they put the level throughout the day really high we decided to thank them with something traditional from our country – Musaka. At the end the tray was empty!

What made this trip amazing were the people we met along the way and the total lack of planning. Remember you don’t need a lot of money to travel this is a myth! This whole trip cost us 120 euro in total including tickets for the game of Depor. Think again!

Put your backpack hit the road and set yourself free!





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