Portugal to Spain by hitch-hiking Part 1

We had 120 EURO and 10 days to travel overland from Portugal to Spain and see a football game of Deportivo de La Coruna. Now most of our friends in Portugal do not know about our adventure there so please don’t be mad at us for not telling you, but we had our reasons not to. Only one person knew about our visit and soon we were together in the car, going to the place where we spent 3 fantastic days. Now it is time to say thanks again for the beautiful time we had together – thank you Mapalo. We spent 2 days in Lisbon just hanging around doing sightseeing and drinking Boca.

One day we spent on the coast taking sunbathe and silly pictures. The view was terrific. Unlike Bulgaria there were no 5 star hotels next to the beach neither somewhere around, just pure nature.

Few kilometers away from the crystal blue waters a small village was waiting for us. We were amazed how similar was the village to the ones here in Bulgaria. There were goats, sheep, caws hanging around smiling at the camera, farms with tomatoes, cucumbers and just everything else we grow in here.

After these typical days as a tourists it was time for us to switch on our adventure mode. The place where we were waiting was horrible and to make things worst the temperature was around 35C  not the best time to be standing on the road with your thumbs up. We had been waiting for two hours when an old car stopped.



We entered that car decisively, but our joy didn’t last long. Never rush with hitch-hiking don’t do what we did – not even throwing a decent glance at the people inside. We tried to start up a conversation, but it was impossible. The two guys inside didn’t want to talk and one of them was just sending some messages through his phone. This made us nervous. Obviously we weren’t in the right car. Things got worse when we passed by the police and these two inside began sweating. My inner voice was telling me „Man do something get the fuck out of this car as soon as possible“ Right after these thoughts we turned right when in front of us there was a sign saying „Norte ↑“. Not only they were sweating this time. Luckily the vehicle ran out of fuel and the car pulled up at a small gas station. With our shitty Portuguese we tried to explain that we’ve changed our minds and are going somewhere else so we are leaving the car. This was followed up by „dinheiro“ and both repeated it a few times, I was pretending I have no idea what does it mean playing the idiot and going over the same word – „dinheiro“? as you probably already know this word means money. We again tried to explain that we do not have money and that’s why we travel by hitch-hiking something they could hardly understand I guess. The truth is that we had around 60-70 EUROS in our pockets and many days lying ahead, there was no way we pay them. As soon as the employee from the station arrived we vanished from the car and waited inside the gas station until they leave. When I saw the car leaving that took off a load off my shoulders and our smiles came back to life again. Well we continued our way towards Spain with a new car, but this time we had a completely different experience. Obviously the guy inside liked us and we got an invitation for a lunch. I thought there’s a mistake, because I probably will never enter such а fine and expensive restaurant in my entire life, especially dressed with sweaty t-shirt and shorts. Everyone inside was wearing a suit without me and Plamena, but when you are hungry those factors are not important. Now I’ll let you create the perfect lunch for yourself with Wine, 3 types of cheese, starters and Leitáo as a main meal. The latter is a small roasted pig and one of the most praised gastronomical delicacies in Portugal.

Did we make it to Spain? Were the money enough? You can find out here in Part 2.


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