Portugal to Spain by hitch-hiking Part 2

Stuffed up with Leitao, cheese and wine travelproofcouple was unstoppable at least for half an hour until the sun started to burn our skins down. After all with some luck and a lot of walking we made it to one gas station with lots of traffic which brought back our optimism that we gonna reach Spain before night falls.

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Portugal to Spain by hitch-hiking Part 1

We had 120 EURO and 10 days to travel overland from Portugal to Spain and see a football game of Deportivo de La Coruna. Now most of our friends in Portugal do not know about our adventure there so please don’t be mad at us for not telling you, but we had our reasons not to. Only one person knew about our visit and soon we were together in the car, going to the place where we spent 3 fantastic days. Now it is time to say thanks again for the beautiful time we had together – thank you Mapalo. We spent 2 days in Lisbon just hanging around doing sightseeing and drinking Boca.

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